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KJO Member Number 2000

Oct 24, 2018   //   by admin   //   Mission News  //  No Comments

We have the honor to announce that the KJO member number 2000 is Lissi, legionary of Rebel Legion – Outpost Perú and Templo Kallpa, of the rebellious sisters and brothers of beautiful Peru, in South America

Nosotros tenemos el honor de anunciar que el miembro número 2000 del Destacamento KJO es Lissi, legionaria de Rebel Legion Outpos Perú y Templo Kallpa, de las hermanas y hermanos rebeldes de hermoso Peru, en Sudamérica

Here her profile / Aquì su perfil en The Rebel Legion


Congratulations Lissi and may the Force be with you always! / Felicitaciones Lissi y que la Fuerza este con usted siempre!

Member of the Week – Shay Kenobi

Feb 1, 2016   //   by admin   //   Mission News, News  //  No Comments

Shay Kenobi is the Base Commanding Officer of Tython Base located in Australia in the State of New South Wales. His other role is Legion Costuming Judge of the Jedi Order where he is the Legions current Obi Wan Kenobi specialist. He is into his second year of judging.

Shay’s Favourite Obi Wan Kenobi Quote: “Another happy landing”

Pictured below is his Obi Wan Kenobi Revenge of the Sith version. Shay has been instrumental within his base in ensuring that the base has the resources to draw in a crowd with the extensive Banners and large scale Props they display at conventions.


Aboard the Tantive IV


I wonder if these two have any idea that their paths will cross again at this same location, 20 years from now.

Temple of the Week – Akar Kesh

Feb 1, 2016   //   by admin   //   Mission News, News  //  No Comments

Akar Kesh is the name of the Temple of Balance from the novel Dawn of the Jedi: Into The Void. Our Base is Tython base, named after the home planet of the Jeda’ii who will later be known as the first Jedi’s in the star wars galaxy. We felt the temple of balance accurately described our base. The Logo is representative of the destructive nature of the planet Tython that strived to have an equal balance of Darkside and the Lightside of the force. Although you see a ravaged world crumbling behind the jedi, he is prostrating in complete peace. i.e Balance.




Members of the Knights of the Jedi Order attending Dreamnight @ Taronga Zoo 2016

Temple Master: Ixam Let’si


Temple Assistant Master: Sair