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Temple of the Week – Tyria Temple

Feb 8, 2016   //   by admin   //   Detachment News, News  //  No Comments

Our logo was designed to match the other detachment logos in Wraith Base. Everything ties in to our Base’s inspiration… Wraith Squadron.

The Temple’s name is derived from Tyria Sarkin, a pilot in Wraith Squadron who went on to become a Jedi.

The use of gray is because Wraith Squadron’s primary colors were gray and white. The yellow and purple are found in Wraith Squadron’s logo and, as such, the Wraith Squadron colors were adopted by Wraith Base.

The use of the Jedi council floor is somewhat self-explanatory but the color was changed to yellow simply because yellow exists in maidsalamode.com Base logo.

The black swan signifies Western Australia. As such, the black swan appears in every Wraith Base logo. In the case of the Tyria Temple logo, though, the swan was combined with Jedi symbol, in order to make it unique to Western Australia.

The Southern Cross constellation in the upper left hand corner is commonly found on Australian Rebel Legion logos. It’s utilized here as a mark of unity with other Australian Rebel Legion Bases.


Tyria Temple Logo

Temple Master of Tyria Temple: NassikDabak




Temple Assistant Master for Tyria Temple: Austex




Tyria Temple Members at Telethon 2015

The Jedi Creator

Jan 3, 2016   //   by admin   //   Costume News, Detachment News, News  //  No Comments

Jedi-Creator Photoshop File

The following file is the .psd (photoshop file) created by forum user Bookworm on the Jedi Forum for the purpose of assisting those that are creating their own Jedi costume (Generic Jedi).


The instructions can be found here


Should you not have photoshop there’s also a gimp file available:


Jedi-Creator gimp version