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Jedi Trials Incentive Program

Jul 12, 2019   //   by admin   //   News  //  No Comments

The Jedi Trials are an incentive program to promote trooping in your Jedi gear! We hope this will encourage both participation and community among Jedi. 

There are three ways to earn a trial point: 

-Trials of Honor 
-Trials of Valor 
-Trials of Wisdom 

Trials of Honor 
This trial is earned every time you troop in one of your approved Jedi costumes for every troop dating back to 1/1/2017.

Trials of Valor 
These trials are awarded to members that do something outstanding at an event. For instance, if a Jedi uses sign language to communicate with a hearing impaired child or adult, or a Luke Skywalker encourages a child looking at getting a prosthetic limb, or going out of your way to help someone at an event. This is for performance above and beyond normal trooping duties. 

Trials of Wisdom 
These trials are awarded to members that aid others in the creation of their costumes or are helpful on the forums. This is to promote mentorship among our members, since true Jedi help one another. 

How to participate

In order to participate in this program, an applicant must meet the following requirements

1-Have approved a Jedi Costume approved in The Rebel Legion

2-Being part of the KJO Detachment. To be part of it, you can request entry in this link

3-And access the Jedi Trials forum :
a-In this link are the instructions 
b-And how to post their troops 

Those who reach a certain number of troops, can have access to exclusive Merch.

So we are waiting for you to have fun participating!

May the force be with you!


Jedi of the Week

Jul 5, 2019   //   by admin   //   News  //  No Comments

#JediIOfTheWeek #KJO #TheRebelLegion #Wookiepedia

Our Jedi of the week is Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano, nicknamed Snips by her master, was a Togruta female from the planet Shili who was trained as a Jedi apprentice during the Clone Wars, the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Tano was assigned to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker by Jedi Grand Master Yoda, and she demonstrated an eagerness to prove herself worthy to be his apprentice. Tano was involved in the defeat of the Separatist army on the planet Christophsis and was important to Republic efforts during the Battle of Teth. Along with Skywalker, Tano was instrumental in acquiring the Republic’s safe passage through Hutt Space, due to her part in rescuing the son of Jabba the Hutt, which ensured an alliance between the Republic and the Hutt clans.

Later, Tano and her master achieved many things during the war including stopping the Blue Shadow Virus, freeing Togruta slaves from Kiros, saving her Master and many others on multiple occasions, and even halting a plot masterminded by Darth Sidious himself. She also engaged some of most deadly people in the galaxy, most notably Asajj Ventress, General Grievous, and Cad Bane several times, always surviving without any serious injury. Tano had a brief brush with the dark side on Mortis after being infected with it by the Son and even died, but she was resurrected by the Daughter. Tano formed close bonds with many members of the Order, which included Plo Koon, Barriss Offee, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luminara Unduli as well as people outside the Order such as Padmé Amidala and Lux Bonteri, to whom she developed a romantic attraction.

Around 20 BBY, Tano’s friend Barriss Offee, who believed the Jedi Order to be evil, and corrupt, and overly belligerent, orchestrated the bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, killed the bomber, Letta Turmond, and caused the deaths of clone troopers while framing Tano for these crimes. While running away from Republic authorities and Skywalker, who still believed her to be innocent, Tano met her longtime nemesis Asajj Ventress and briefly allied with her, since both were on the run from their masters. Tano was led by Offee, the only Jedi whom she still saw as an ally, into a trap at an abandoned Coruscant warehouse in Coruscant’s Undercity, where she was captured by Skywalker’s forces. The Jedi High Council then expelled Tano from the Jedi Order and turned her over to the Republic for trial. Tano came very close to a conviction and death sentence, but she was acquitted at the last minute by the forced confession of a captured Offee. While the Council pardoned Tano and offered to bring her back into the Order, Tano refused, and she left the Jedi Temple.

Source: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ahsoka_Tano/Legends


Jedi Trials News

Jul 2, 2019   //   by admin   //   News  //  No Comments

#JediKnight #JediTrials #FirstTrial # 15Troops #KJO #TheRebelLegion #MosEisleyBase #TheOldestMember #Arizona #USA

The oldest member of The Rebel Legion, Jedi Mike, managed to overcome the first Jedi Trial (15 Troops) of our Jedi Trial Program.

He is a member of Mos Eisley Base serving Arizona – USA

Now he has the rank of Jedi Knight, at 86 years old, quite an achievement and great news. A great honor to announce it.

Mike, Congratulations!!! May the Force be with you!

KJO Member Number 2000

Oct 24, 2018   //   by admin   //   Mission News  //  No Comments

We have the honor to announce that the KJO member number 2000 is Lissi, legionary of Rebel Legion – Outpost Perú and Templo Kallpa, of the rebellious sisters and brothers of beautiful Peru, in South America

Nosotros tenemos el honor de anunciar que el miembro número 2000 del Destacamento KJO es Lissi, legionaria de Rebel Legion Outpos Perú y Templo Kallpa, de las hermanas y hermanos rebeldes de hermoso Peru, en Sudamérica

Here her profile / Aquì su perfil en The Rebel Legion


Congratulations Lissi and may the Force be with you always! / Felicitaciones Lissi y que la Fuerza este con usted siempre!